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Growing your business in Africa is exciting, challenging and can be very rewarding. But this can be hard without guidance and support from seasoned entrepreneurs on the continent. I offer consultancy and coaching services to emerging businesses and startups, and established businesses looking to expand on the continent.


Henri Nyakarundi


About Henri


For over 10 years, Henri has been a well- respected voice on entrepreneurship in Africa, renewable energy, innovation & technology impact and more.


As a mentor, speaker, strategist on social entrepreneur in Africa, he was able to shed the light on some of the challenges in the African marketplace, but also the key solutions needed to solve some of the major challenges we encounter today as a continent such as unemployment, lack of access to energy, and access to smart funding.





Affordable, Dedicated Consulting


Our services:


- How to pitch to investors

- How to win competitions - we won or were finalists in over 10 international competitions

- Develop a business model

- Develop a hardware product supply chain

- Raising capital

- How to get grant funding


Our sessions cost $50 per hour for a minimum of two hours. Beyond that the cost is negotiable.

We have a flexible schedule and are open to working together often to help you achieve your business goals.




Our Process


Henri Nyakarundi






Henri Nyakarundi


Davis Mugira

Tech Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO at Spiderbit


" It was such an insightful and eye-opening discussion i had with you in regards to when is the right time as a start-up and viability to scale-up your business to other countries especially on the African continent. "

Henri Nyakarundi


Moussa Traoré

Chief Digital Officer (CDO) chez GROUPE SONATEL

"Henri is a great voice for entrepreneurs in Africa and has been a great advocate in promoting technology for social good across the continent. "


Henri Nyakarundi

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