Our Company has developed a mobile solar kiosk in Rwanda which is a one stop shop income generating business solution for people at the BOP level. We provide services such as charging small electronics, mobile money, and internet hotspot using a low cost franchise business model.
We plan to accomplish four main goals:

  1. To offer a uniform distribution channel for different products , services and digital content. Our primary service is charging small electronics mostly cell phones using renewable technology, we also sell electronic vouchers such as airtime, mobile money, products such as solar light and cell phones.
    2. To offer entrepreneurship opportunity using a low cost franchise business model, for people that want to be in business for themselves but not by themselves with gender equality.
  2. MSK offers product availability and brand visibility for the telecom companies/ or others we partner with.

4. To collect data from the customer, engage customers, offer internet, digital advertisement and content using our built-in Machine to Machine technology on the kiosk and connect it to a cloud data management services to lay the groundwork for more comprehensive intelligence service.