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Henri Nyakarundi

Speaker | Innovator | Panafrican

I am a proud Rwandan with a degree in computer science. I have a passion for social entrepreneurship, mainly focused on the green sector. I launched ARED in 2013 and have been operating it full time ever since.

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I have authored many online articles, and a book. I can be your guest-blogger or a co-author.


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For over 10 years, Henri has been a well-respected voice on entrepreneurship in Africa, renewable energy, innovation, technology impact and more. As a mentor, speaker, and strategist on social entrepreneurship in Africa, he sheds the light on both challenges in the African marketplace, as well as key solutions for the continent.

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Speaker Experience

  • SOCAP 2014
    Business environment in Rwanda, and its challenges.
  • BOP innovation center
    Impact of innovation and technology at the BOP level, and funding challenges. BiDNETWORK
  • Glocal Convention
    Renewable energy in Africa, and which approach needed to increase access to energy in Africa.
    Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Startups: Which Financial Solution to Help Startups and Empower Entrepreneurship in Africa?
    Meday Forum and Watch Video
    topic regarding innovation in Africa
    Powering the clean Future.
    Forum and Watch Video
    G5 Business Makers Program
    The Master Art of Closing a deal
  • Baobab Summit 2018
    Organized by MasterCard Foundation
  • Re: Publica Summit 2018
    Re:Publica Digital society
  • Global startup lab
    MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives.
  • Westerwelle-Foundation
    Young founders
  • Startup Grind
    Startup Grind Kigali
  • African Tech Summit Kigali
    African Tech Summit Kigali Feb 2019

My Story

Henri Nyakarundi is a native Rwandan who moved to the US in 1996 to study computer science. After graduation, he soon realized that a 9-5 was not his calling, and he was an entrepreneur at heart. 

Over the next 10 years he founded and developed trucking and construction businesses in both the US and Burundi. However, the green sector is his true passion. He has been developing ARED for the past three years, and as of 2013 has returned to Rwanda to startup this company full time.

For over 10 years, Henri has been a well-respected voice on entrepreneurship in Africa, renewable energy, innovation & technology impact and more…. As a mentor, speaker, strategist on social entrepreneur in Africa, he was able to shed the light on some of the challenges in the African marketplace, but also the key solutions needed to solve some of the major challenges we encounter today as a continent such as unemployment, lack of access to energy, access to smart funding.

Henri is a talented and engaging communicator who can cut through the myths and misunderstandings to provide clarity and perspective on what it means to be a green leader in business. He brings to his audiences a clear understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing mainstream entrepreneurs on the ground as they try to build their own social enterprises in a way that drives bottom-line performance and top-line growth.

His balanced, personal experience, and credible approach to green business and clean technology has offered a different perspective on the potential of product innovation and the impact it can have for the people and the key partners.


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One Man's Journey Back Home

This book is Henri’s personal experience of he life he lived in the United States and about his journey back home to Rwanda. It is about the misconceptions he had, the challenges he faced, and finally the rediscovery he experienced once back home.
If you are part of the African Diaspora living abroad or contemplating moving to the West, this book is for you. If you want to come home to Africa and need some inspiration, this book is for you. After seventeen years abroad an now five years back in Africa, the road has not been easy, but what Henri found is peace of mind, a better quality of life, his true self and where he truly belongs.





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